5 Material Types That Travel Pillows Are Made Out of

Material for Travel Pillows

In most cases the users of Travel Pillows want to consider the material they are made out of. When you have a look at an inflatable travel pillows, they are usually made from material as kind of coated plastic. The material can feel very unpleasant when in direct contact with skin and may also cause sweating. It is recommended to use additional cover for the travel pillow that is not convenient in most cases.

There are many more choices of material for non-inflatable travel pillows. Definitely the material will have a huge impact on the support level and comfort provided by the travel pillows. The main types of materials used for non-inflatable travel pillows are here:

  • Foam: The most popular are foam travel pillows now. At the same time, there are a lot of different types of foam, and they have different degrees of firmness and some types last much longer than others. Memory foam travel pillows have the big benefit of shaping to your head for superior comfort and still giving support.
  • Beads: Travel pillows filled with beads (or beans or pellets) provide superior support and can also be shaped. Their main disadvantage is that they can be heavy.
  • Down: Down travel pillows are very lightweight but bulky. They provide good cushioning but are not ideal for support. Down pillows are also very difficult to clean.
  • Polyester: Many cheap travel cushions are made from polyester or a blend of polyester and cotton fibers. These materials have the benefit of being non-allergenic. They are easy to wash and very soft. The softness means that they are comfortable, but they will not provide very good support and can cause sweating.
  • Wool: Like polyester, wool travel pillows are also very soft and easy to clean. However, they tend to keep their shape better. They cost more and last longer at the same time.

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